Hi there, welcome to our website. 
 Greta Daniels and Erica Ervin come from Trinidad, California, a tiny little city on Trinidad Bay in Northern California.
   Our mother`s family were Norwegian immigrants, with Grandpa coming to America as a child in 1901 from Harstad, Norway and Grandma coming in 1929 from Mundal, Norway.
  We loved hearing Grandma`s stories about when she was a girl. One story involved fish head soup, with the children playing with the eyeballs like they were marbles. Quite awhile back, my Mom remembered this story while watching her commercial fisherman husband clean fish. All those fish heads were going 
to go into crab pots as hanging bait, and their little shinny eyes will be gone forever. Why not try and preserve some? After many, many tries, she developed a process to preserve these little beauties, and            
she shared her discovery with me. 
     A few years ago I accidentally discovered that they would take to a color, when a friend put an eyeball in a piece of berry pie. Wow - the color was beautiful. Now the fun began and most everything that had a color to it was tried, from juice from a cooked artichoke to mashed zucchini.
      The eyes are mostly from bottom fish, black snapper, ling cod, etc. The larger eyeballs are from a hardhat, also known as an idiot fish. The part we harvest is called the crystalline lens.
      There are some people who say "Oh yuck, I would never wear fisheyes". For these folks we have Fiskoye (wich means fisheye in Norwegian). Somehow, wearing Fiskoye gets around the yuck factor 
      hope you have as much fun with my jewelry as I have had making it.