Enhance your jewelry collection with unique custom made sterling silver jewelry. Our unique sterling silver earrings and necklaces made out of real fish eyes.
  The fish are caught locally, harvested and processed to make not only a beautiful natural piece of jewelry, but a conversation piece. Not often can one wear eyes on your ears, or keep an eye on your spouse by giving  him/her a necklace of either sterling silver or on a cord!

The natural fish eyeball, after processing, is a clear opaque. The vibrant colors are created from Ukrainian Easter egg dye.

All the natural custom jewelry is made with sterling silver. Since they are organic, it is best not to wear them in the shower or hot tub. Each piece is hand made and unique.

     In order to keep their late father, Trinidad artist Bill Daniels; work alive Greta Daniels and Erica Ervin are presenting his signature ocean theme art on various wearable and useful items. Colorful hats, cups, and greeting cards are available for your enjoyment;